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The Ultimate Guide To Selling Your Own Digital Products Online

Debunking the Myths About Selling Digital Products Online

Before we get into the intricacies of PLR and MRR products, let me give you a quick and basic difference between the two. PLR products are simply products that you can sell in your name while, MRR products are the ones that you have the license to sell with their PLR license.

With that said,

I will answer 4 Important Newbie Questions Related to Private Label Rights

What is the meaning of PLR?

Private Label Rights refers to content where the actual creator of the content licenses the use of the content to others. In most cases you are free to use the products as they are given to you, but ideally it would be best to modify the content and name yourself as the author before deciding to use them in any way you want. Fitness PLR products/content can be in the form of eBooks, Articles, Videos, Content Packages, Website Sales Pages, Themes, etc…

NOTE: If you also receive “Transferable Rights” with your PLR Products, then you can transfer the PLR rights to your customers as well.

What can be done with PLR Products?

It is common belief that weight loss PLR products come with all the rights in the world, but that is not true, you should take the time to read the License agreement of your PLR content to see what exactly the author of those products has offered you. When reading the license of a particular product, never assume that you have a particular right. In case of any confusion, always contact the actual owner of the online business PLR before putting it to use.

Here’s some quick PLR marketing tips you can use to implement the usage of PLR in your business:

  1. Add the content as blog posts on your business blog
  2. Start a coaching membership site and charge your audience a monthly fee for premium content
  3. Start building your list, use PLR reports as a giveaway in exchange for leads/emails
  4. Start using PLR articles and transforming them into email content to educate your audience with ecourses
  5. Starting affiliate marketing? PLR is amazing bonuses!
  6. Repurpose PLR contents to create your own profitable evergreen info products
  7. Use PLR articles and turn them into profitable YouTube videos
  8. Start your own profitable podcast by repurposing PLR articles into audio courses
  9. Once you’ve setup your PLR, use SEO services cape town to rank your website for you so you can turn your PLR content into profits.

Where can I Find Quality PLR Products?

You can purchase quality PLR products online. I have been in the business PLR industry for more than 5 years now and what I curate on my website is only the best of the best contents in any form.

If you want to purchase PLR products from other websites, then you can check out:

  1. Warrior Forum WSO Section
  2. Run a PLR Related Search on Google (However, the authenticity and quality of the products that you may get from some websites may be questionable).
  3. Remember to see if the PLR content provider offers samples, free PLR articles, word counts and send them an email to see how fast they reply. Bad support = bad service.
  4. Make sure you’re purchasing best quality plr ebooks that can be branded, if a ebook comes in PDF format only, then it cannot be rebranded. You need to get the .DOC files in MS Word format, and you need to ensure that the ebook content quality is very good.

What to look out for When Purchasing PLR Content?

The first thing that you should look out for when purchasing PLR content is the quality of the content. For example, if you just bought a set of health PLR Articles, then take a look at a few articles randomly to determine their quality. Ideally you could also check out reviews from previous customers. When it comes to WordPress themes and Plugins, it would be best to ensure that the stuff that you are purchasing is up to date. There is no point in purchasing a PLR plugin that is compatible with a version of WordPress or any other CMS that is a year older from the present version. Secondly, you should read the license agreement to find out what rights you have over the products that you acquired.

Another great way to use PLR is to rewrite it and post it to your blog to get traffic from SEO. Rewriting articles can be a tough task if you are not a natural writer. Another option to get SEO optimized content is to get an SEO company to rewrite your PLR articles for you and provide you with 100% unique copy-scape approved content ready to be posted to your blog and ranked by Google.

Also looking to see if the PLR provider offers samples of the content they provide and if they show you how many words are in the ebooks, articles and emails before buying. You also want to be sure that the content you’re buying is well written and professional. So try to find a sample or download some of their free 2021 PLR contents so you can see if their content is good or not. If you don’t like their content, it’s most likely your audience won’t too.

That’s all for now, I hope you like the read. self help PLR can be used in many ways to help you drive more sales.